Writes Adam Grant, a professor at the Wharton School.  Although the article “Good News for Young Strivers: Networking is Overrated” is not written specifically for artists, much of what the author has to say is applicable.  “If you make great connections, they might advance your career.  If you do great work, those connections will be easier to make. Let your insights and your outputs – not your business cards – do the talking.” Click to read the full article:


I read recently that an organization that provides career support services to artists is sponsoring a podcast that describes the differences between art dealers and gallerists.   In my humble opinion, they are one in the same.  Excerpt follows from How to Survive & Prosper as an Artist: Selling Yourself without Selling Your Soul (Publication date: April 2018):  https://www.amazon.com/dp/1621536130/?tag=artisthelpnetwor:

“Somewhere between the mid-1990s and early 2000s, art dealers in New York reinvented themselves and changed the title of their occupation to “gallerist.” . . . The new title arrived with a set of rules regarding who can use the title and who cannot. As an attempt to explain the difference between an art dealer and a gallerist, a gallery owner interviewed in the New York Times1 described an art dealer as one who buys and sells art but does not represent artists. The article also suggested that a gallerist nurtures artists . . . . Although the new title is pretentious and a less-than-subtle embellishment of the occupation of “salesperson,” it can also be interpreted that the “ist” at the end of “gallerist” symbolically represents yet another encroachment into an “artist’s” territory. It can be compared to the 50 percent sales commissions art dealers receive, an implication that they are major contributors to the creation of artwork! Therefore, this is the only section of the book that will refer to art dealers as gallerists!


  1. Grace Glueck, “Old Business, New Name: Behold the Gallerist,” New York Times, www.nytimes.com/2005/12/24/arts/design/old-business-new-name-behold-the-gallerist.html. to art dealers as gallerists!